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HVAC Replacement In Milton, GA

Hvac replacement in milton ga

This customer in Milton, GA, had a 22 year old HVAC system with a bad furnace heat exchanger. Instead of an expensive repair, she decided to replace the entire system with a Goodman Brand 16 SEER / 2 stage AC and a 96% / 2 stage variable speed furnace. This system helps control humidity in the summer time and saves energy by cooling on a low setting. It also makes the rooms more comfortable by helping to eliminate hot and cold spots. The whole project from removing the old worn out HVAC system to installing and commissioning the new high efficiency comfort system only took one day. We also installed new 4.5" MERV 11 filter systems sized to fit her 5 ton furnace.

Estimated budget: $9500

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Products Used: Goodman

If you're looking for a professional heating replacement company in Milton, please call us at 678-845-6565 or complete our online service request form.